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My domain is hosted on godday. is already set up to the company's landing page hosted on framer. Our web app is hosted on ampify and should bind with the domain I followed the instruction, added the CNAMEs in goddaddy, but still failed. I am not sure what was wrong, does anyone have any idea? I have added these two CNAMEs to godaddy and I double confirmed they are exactly same as shown in the screenshot, including the period at the end. Enter image description here I have checked the DNS, seems the domain is successfully resolved Enter image description here But the result on Ampilify says, the domain activation is failed Enter image description here

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Figured out it is because when adding the CNAME to enable the https, I missed the ending period in the name. Now. my custom domain is available. But it still doesn't work, it says 404.

answered 3 months ago

Checking if you include the '.' at the end, '.' mean that is FQDN and different with no '.' at the end. I have been faced with same situation before, please copy exactly given CNAME, and URL you got in Amplify console.

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answered 2 months ago

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