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I am working on a solution to stream live video using MediaLive, MediaPackage and CloudFront. I have the following config:

  1. I have a medialive output - MediaPackage
  2. This is sending the stream to MediaPackage. I have added Origin endpoints to the mediapackage
  3. I am using this origin in cloudfront as Source origin.

Now when I stop the stream, I want to send this video along with the audio to S3. I tired adding S3 Archive output in MediaLive, and it works fine. But that is storing the video in 15sec duration. I need the whole video to be stored as is.

What is the best solution I can try and implement. What is the recommend way to store the stream in S3 - should I store from MediaLive or from CloudFront.

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You can use the harvest feature of AWS Elemental MediaPackage to save a specific time window from a live endpoint to S3 :


answered 3 months ago

There are several options to capture and store a live stream created using MediaLive, MediaPackage and CloudFront.

Using AWS MediaLive you can store the stream to S3 in two ways, creating either an HLS output or a TS output to an S3 bucket.

AWS MediaPackage also offers the Harvest Job function to store a live stream to S3 after the live event. Duplicating the link provided in the previous answer.

A note about MediaPackage. Depending on how deep the Startover Window is configured per MediaPackage Endpoint, streams up to 14 days in the past can be requested for viewing. See this link for Startover Window setup.

answered 3 months ago

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