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Our application is deployed on fargate and it uses EFS to store files. We are experiencing an issue where the written files don't show up because of NFS negative caching.

The solution seems to be using noac or lookupcache=pos mount options for EFS. But I don't see a way to specify mount options when configuring EFS as a volume on Fargate.

Is there a solution for Fargate or a workaround?

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Greetings, Thank you for reaching out to AWS re:Post, I understand that you are having mounting your EFS as a volume on Fargate.

To mount an EFS system on Fargate

Open Amazon ECS -> Create New Task Definition -> Select FARGATE as launch type compatibility -> Entenr Task Definition Name -> Enter EFS as Volume Type -> Add container and Create

Please refer to the document below for a further explanation [1]

To verify your EFS is successfully mounted, check your task logs, reference to document below [2]

Please contact if you have any further questions, or reach out to us via a support case to facilitate a discussion on the specifics of your resources.

Hope you have a wonderful day.



answered 2 years ago

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