Cant find all private subnets while registering Active Directory for WorkSpaces


I have 3 private subnet in AZ a and two private subnets in AZ b. My AWS Managed Microsoft AD is deployed in the two AZs (a and b), but when I tried to register the AD for Workspaces the only subnet options i got were the three private subnets from AZ a. And no option from AZ b. I am supposed to choose two different AZs. Help please.

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I am not sure what region you are located in, however Workspaces only supports a subset of AZ's from each region as per Table

This may be why you do not see the other Subnets. Confirm which AZ's your subnets are in

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answered a year ago
  1. Depending upon the region, you can find which AZs are supported by Workspaces. :
  2. Once you have the AZs, navigate to the AWS RAM console page for the AWS RAM service in the same region. You can view the AZ IDs for the current AWS Region under Your AZ ID.
  3. Map the AZ ID from step 1 public documentation with your internal IDs in step2 to confirm which subnets are supported.

This is the only reason why your subnets are not available while registering the Managed AD.,Console,-AWS

answered a year ago

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