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The situation is, I have the contact flow created and the Lex V2 bot for CSAT survey. Currently, if the caller says "Okay" & "No" ( prior a prompt will be played from the contact flow "Are you okay to enroll into the survey?)", then the Lex intent will be activated. Then the slot (Slot type: AMAZON.Confirmation) will be prompted AGAIN confirming if the caller is okay or not to participate in the survey. I am doing like this, so based on the SlotValue ( yes or no ), I can branch the conditions within Amazon Connect.

As you can see, it's repetitive for the caller to prompt the same thing twice. How can I activate the specific intent without any utterance through the contact flow or any other ways?

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For something as straightforward as a survey opt in/out, I wouldn't use a Confirmation or even Slots. You could create a LexBot that just contains Yes/No intents which would you allow you to branch within a Contact Flow as desired. Use the GetCustomerInputBlock to ask if the caller would like to participate and then set the Yes/No LexBot in the block.

Lex Bot Intents

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  • Thanks, your solution would be simple. The reason for my initial question is,

    1. I wanted to use the same single bot.
    2. If I can make use of the Amazon.Confirmation slot, then I don't have to worry about adding multiple utterances. The slot value would always be either Yes or No.

    I will be using your solution only, if there's no way to achieve as per the original request.

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