Use the same IP address when moving to a new instance


Hi there, I just created a new EC2 instance by cloning the existing instance with Windows Server 2019. I would like to use the existing IP address for the new instance if I can turn off the existing one. Is it possible to do this?


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When you first create the new EC2 instance, you can assign a static, primary IP address. As you go through the instance creation screen, expand the "Advanced network configuration" drop-down just under where you define security group rules. You should see a field where you can enter the IP address you want to assign to the new EC2 instance. Note: This is only available when you first create the EC2 instance - you cannot change the primary IP address after creation.

Screenshot of advanced network configuration

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Ok thanks! If I stop the old instance, is it good enough to use its IP address on the new one, or does it need to be terminated?

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  • It will need to be terminated since stopping an instance does not release the private IP address.

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