How to create Chargeback on Multi-Tenant environment?


Hi team. How are you doing? Hope fine.

I would like to share some situation that I'm exposed and till now i could no find any way to do it property by AWS tools.

When we have an environment that i need to chargeback the cost internally to different business unit, its clear. But when we have a huge environment with a ton of different resources (kinesis, S3 bucket, Glue, Redshift, Containers, etc) accessed, used and shared by different tenant, there's a problem.

I need to chargeback each tenant for each resourced used by them and each resource have a different way to count/measure and till now i just found the AWS Cost Profiler.

This AWS Cost Profiler can only record how many time(in hours/mins) the tenant has been useing the resource, but for example, when we talk about database, we need to measure how many MB/GB/TB this specific tenant store.

Have you been thought this any time? Do you use any other tool do to it?

Thank you!

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Hi there. As you stated correctly, as of today, the AWS Application Cost Profiler does not have the capability to report on metrics like amount of data stored, etc. You might want to have a closer look at one of the AWS Partners, like CloudZero. There is a very detailed blog post out there, that shows how you can use CloudZero to simplify tenant cost allocation. You might want to check this one out! Hope it helps!!

answered a year ago

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