Error in EKS Console Upgrade insights about flowschemas and priorityleveconfiguration api's


We have EKS cluster for production with K8s version 1.28. We have to upgrade the version to 1.29 but stucked because of following error showing in AWS Console in Upgrade insights section:

AWS Console

I can see all the apis versions are already up to date but not getting why this error is showing in the console. We have risk of downtime if we upgrade by ingnoring the error.

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Based on the error message you provided, some potential causes for the failure could be:

  • Insufficient IP addresses in the subnets associated with the EKS cluster. Check that there are enough available IPs.
  • The subnets specified do not exist or are not tagged correctly. Verify the subnets exist and have the proper tags
  • The security groups associated with the cluster do not exist. Check that the security groups exist.
  • The elastic network interface limit for the AWS account has been reached. You may need to increase the limit.
  • Insufficient permissions for the IAM role/user used to update the cluster. Verify the correct permissions are attached.
  • The VPC associated with the cluster no longer exists. Check that the VPC still exists.
  • Transient backend workflow issues. Try updating the cluster again after some time.

You can get more details on the specific error by describing the update failure with the AWS CLI:

aws eks describe-update --cluster-name my-cluster --update-id my-update-id
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answered 2 months ago

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