S3 Intelligent-Tiering requires Async Storage in AWS S3 Console


I have a number of buckets with tons of files. My roadblock is that I can't use the AWS S3 console to get S3 Intelligent-Tiering configured without objects eventually ending up in an Asynchronous Access Tier.

Go to AWS Console > S3 > {bucket} > Properties > Intelligent-Tiering Archive configurations > Create configuration. Add a name, say all objects in bucket, Enable, Create, you get this error:

"At least one transition should be selected."

However, at https://aws.amazon.com/s3/cost-optimization/ "Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering" "Opt-in asynchronous archive capabilities for objects that become rarely accessed"

This states that asynchronous access tiers are an option, NOT a requirement. This is not so on the AWS Console. I don't want to have a delay of 3-5, or up to 12 hours delay to access my files, particularly when I'm only going to save an additional 10% or so. Yes, I can choose 730 days delay before objects are moved to Archive, but I don't want them to go there at all.

Finally "No operational overhead, no lifecycle charges" meaning that I'm only going to be charged for storage and access of my objects. There will be no extra charges from AWS to scan my buckets to see how they need to be moved to a different tier, right?


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Please refer to this document that explains the different tiers in S3 Intelligent Tiering - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/userguide/intelligent-tiering-overview.html

The Archive Access Tier and the Deep Archive Access Tier are optional and therefore when creating the Intelligent Tiering configuration on the AWS console, those two are shown as check-boxes.

If you want instant retrieval of documents then you should not be using these two tiers. The remaining three tiers are not optional.

There is a monitoring charge with S3 Intelligent Tiering, as mentioned in the same document -

For a low monthly object monitoring and automation charge, S3 Intelligent-Tiering monitors access patterns and automatically moves objects to the Infrequent Access tier when they have not been accessed for 30 consecutive days. After 90 days of no access, the objects are moved to the Archive Instant Access tier without performance impact or operational overhead.

The pricing information can be found on this page - https://aws.amazon.com/s3/pricing/

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  • Thank you for responding.

    Please re-read my post carefully. Did you try the steps out outlined? I agree that the documentation says it should work, but if the AWS S3 Console does not allow you to do so, it's doesn't matter.

    The monitoring charge is for objects greater than 128KB, correct? I won't be charged for scanning every file in the bucket.


The AWS UI is confusing, this section is actually called "Intelligent-Tiering Archive configurations" therefore requires you to select one or two options. To enable Intelligent-Tiering is there : https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/userguide/using-intelligent-tiering.html

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