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Hi, we are planning to use DataSync for transferring files from On-prem to AWS S3 on a daily basis

we have done the following

  1. Installed DataSync Agent VM On-Prem and have all network connections to NFS server and AWS
  2. Created the agent in AWS console and its showing active

Now for our admin to share the required directory from NFS server(Application server IBM iSeries), I am asked to provide the directory details in the agent VM to mount the share, I am not sure about how to create directory in the Datasync agent VM for mounting

Please can you advice

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When configuring an NFS location you provide the NFS server and path of the mount point you targeting from your on-prem storage system. The directory is not created on the agent itself, the mount path of your NFS server export is provided as the path for the location.

You can find additional details on configuring an NFS location here:

answered a year ago

Thanks Darryl, your suggestion helped, our tasks are getting successfully completed but no files are getting transferred.

It does look like an issue with Datasync. we are using IBM iSeries as our NFS server, NFS sharing works at the user id level in my company, NFS will not allow access to clients unless a valid user id is provided. there is no provision to create a user id in Datasync which I can share with NFS server team for providing me the access.

We are looking at other options to transfer files

Thank you for your inputs

answered a year ago

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