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I have a client-server architecture where each client and the server is associated with an AWS account. What is the best way I can expose services from the Server account to the clients? Now each client connects to the server from lambda to lambda connections. Is exposing all the services through an AppSync is better? Are there any other ways more suitable?

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There are a couple of ways to achieve this architecture. Depending on the level of access (security) required - in addition to your method.

You can peer the VPCs, but the security issue is, this will open up the entire VPC in the shared services (server) account.

The second method, much easier and secure is using AWS Private-Link:

This method uses a NLB to front the application (Lambda in your case), and a VPC-Endpoint to route traffic privately from the consumer (client) account. '

I'd recommend setting up a POC for this, initially, then duplicating into a staging account.

answered 2 months ago

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