Redshift-Managed VPC endpoint getting stuck in 'Creating' status.


Hi, when I'm creating a Redshift-Managed VPC endpoint in an account to connect to a redshift cluster in another account, it gets stuck in the 'Creating' phase for several hours. It eventually fails to be created and disappears from the list. I followed the instruction in this document: Working with Redshift-managed VPC endpoints in Amazon Redshift and have granted all VPCs from the endpoint account access to the cluster.

Any idea how to solve this issue?

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Can you check if you are hitting any limits:

Cloudtrail logs for "CreateVpcEndpoint" event needs to be checked to know why it is failing, you can try creating endpoint with CLI and check the response received.

If you have a support plan, I will suggest to open a support case and support can assist you with checking the logs.

answered a year ago

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