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TwinMaker: using lambda to fetch data for non-timeSeries properties

Hello! I've been trying to use IoT RoboRunner + IoT TwinMaker + AWS Grafana to create a dashboard. As one of the most basic things to show is a list of the current workers/robots. Take the following `componentTypes`: (parent, to be inherited from, to keep the lambda function common) Ideally, the lambda function would be able to see the event, and the associated `telemetryAssetId`, and reply with an appropriate payload. ```json { "componentTypeId": "com.example.lambda_reader", "workspaceId": "MyWorkspace", "functions": { "dataReader": { "implementedBy": { "lambda": { "arn": "arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:<account>:function:RoboRunnerWorkerInfo" } } } }, "propertyDefinitions": { "telemetryAssetId": { "dataType": { "type": "STRING" }, "isExternalId": true, "isStoredExternally": false, "isTimeSeries": false, "isRequiredInEntity": true } } } ``` and the child, which inherits from the above ``` { "componentTypeId": "com.example.myworkspace.worker_list", "extendsFrom": [ "com.example.lambda_reader" ], "propertyDefinitions": { "telemetryAssetId": { "defaultValue" : { "stringValue": "WorkerList" } }, "workerList": { "dataType": { "type": "LIST", "netstedType": { "type": "STRING" } }, "isTimeSeries": false, "isStoredExternally": true } } } ``` When adding these two `componentType`s, the latter shows up as abstract unless `isTimeSeries` is set to `true`. Is this intended behavior? Seems like I should be able to do this? Any help is appreciated!
asked 2 months ago
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