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AWS Zone Apex challenge with older DNS server

The University that I work for has its own DNS servers. They are older and need an IP address to point to for the zone apex record. DNS migration is not an option. We have a site in AWS Amplify. We want to use the Amplify website for our root domain, "". RFC 1034 says that the zone apex must be an A Record, and not a CNAME. According to the article at, there are three options: Route53, Elastic IPs with EC2 instances, and Global Accelerator. Since we are using AWS Amplify, we can't do the EC2 option. The Route53 option won't work with our old DNS server, which only works with IP addresses. The third option is to use AWS Global Accelerator and an Application Load Balancer (ALB) which does a 301 redirect to our Cloudfront distribution that has the custom SSL cert for our Amplify instance. When we point our DNS at the IP associated with AWS Global Accelerator, the redirect is working, but the URL is showing the Cloudfront distribution instead of I was told that whitelisting the Host header would fix this, but it just returns a 403 error saying that the request could not be satisfied. I am not sure if I am on the right track and need some adjustment somewhere, or if I need to do something completely different.
asked 7 months ago
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