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AWS Real-Time Ad Tracker Architecture

Hello. I'm attempting to build an ad-tracking application that can attribute, store, and then query and analyze website visitor information in real or near real-time. Unfortunately, I'm finding difficulty designing the application architecture as I am new to AWS overall. So far, I expected my application to look like this: 1. API Gateway to serve as a secure endpoint for websites and ad servers to send website visitor information (think utm parameters, device resolution, internal ID's etc) 2. Lambda/Node.js to route and attribute session information 3. DynamoDB for its ability to handle high-volume write rates in a cost-efficient way. 4. S3 to create frequent/on-demand backups of DynamoDB which can then be analyzed by 5. ? Considering passing all S3 data back for client-side processing in my dashboard. **However:** I just found [this case study with Nasdaq]( utilizing [redshift and other services shown here]( Judging from the 'Data' label featured in the first illustration of the latter link (clickstreams, transactions, etc) it appears to be exactly what I need. So, I suppose my question would be from a cost, simplicity and efficiency standpoint: Would it just be easier to eliminate dynamodb and s3 and instead configure my lambda functions to send their data directly into redshift? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
asked a month ago