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Easily migrate to AWS and see business results faster. We’ve taken our experience with migrations to AWS and developed a broad set of first and third party tools and services to help simplify and accelerate migrations. Our migration tool catalog includes an end-to-end set of tools to ensure your investment achieves your desired business outcomes.

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Aurora upgrade 2 to 3 / MySql 5.7 to 8.0: potential bug in pre-check validation (depreciated words)

We have noticed that the pre-checks for the upgrade of MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8 are having issues with character combinations that "resemble" depreciated words. For example, the depreciated "Group By ... DESC" is one of those constructs "[]()" "There must be no queries and stored program definitions from MySQL 8.0.12 or lower that use ASC or DESC qualifiers for GROUP BY clauses." While our stored procedures use Group by's, there is no associated "DESC" word with them. However, the character sequence does appear in the stored procedure in various forms: * There is a call to another stored procedure called "update_fc**desc**ription();". It has the characters "desc" within the name * There are columns in the queries (table columns) with the name "blah**Desc**riptionblah" * There is a block comment that has the word "**Desc**ription:" that describes the stored procedure (documentation) However, there are no "DESC" words associated with the "Group by". For testing, * I deleted the comments word, and that issue no longer appeared as an error * I renamed the call to the other stored procedure update_fc**desc**ription(); to update_fc**dxexscxrixp**tion();, and that issue no longer appeared as an error * The columns that have the characters "desc" I couldn't work around without a lot of changing to the stored procedure It seems that there is a Stackoverflow question outlining this behavior too: []() Also, a "re:Post" question too: []() This is clearly a bug in the pre-check process and is limiting our upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to 8. Any updates on this being fixed/addressed? Thank you.
asked a day ago

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