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Hi Team, if i use the Managed IP, is their a scope of limits to be increased in future let me know. as i went through this , Currently the limit is 50k email in a day , but if managed Ip are used will that increase

Manged IP $15 per month per account $0.08/1000 emails 0-10M emails per month $0.04/1000 emails 10M-50M emails per month $0.02/1000 emails 50M-100M emails per month Contact us >100M emails per month

let us know on this

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The 50k sending limit per day, is the default quota limit for production account. First, this limit can be increased automatically. If the system detected that you may need more quota, it will increase automatically. And, if you need more than the current limit, you can request to increase the quota in AWS console.

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