Why does the snapshot policy stop working on my FSx for ONTAP file system after I use the "snapmirror resync" command?

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I want to preserve my snapshot policy after I reestablish SnapMirror on my Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP file system using the "snapmirror resync" command.

Short description

The snapmirror resync command reestablishes a mirroring relationship between a source and a destination endpoint. User-created snapshot copies aren't replicated by the snapmirror resync operation. The exported snapshot copy on the destination is removed and the client sees the active file system on the destination volume. The relationship is InSync and the periodic creation of common snapshot copies resumes.


1.    To determine if the snapshot policy stopped replication on the destination, run the following commands.

Note: The following commands verify that snapshots are created on the destination.

Destination::> snap list vol_name
Destination::> snap list snappolicy_DR

The following example output includes the name of the most recent snapshot:

Vserver Volume Snapshot Size Total% Used%

AWS-XXXX-XXXXX snappolicy_DR
daily.2022-10-27_0010 32.33TB 61% 55%
daily.2022-10-28_0010 32.33TB 61% 55%
daily.2022-10-29_0010 32.33TB 61% 55%
daily.2022-10-30_0010 32.33TB 61% 55% 
daily.2022-10-31_0010 32.33TB 61% 55%
daily.2022-11-01_0010 32.33TB 61% 55%
daily.2022-11-02_0010 32.33TB 61% 55%
snapmirror.xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx_2154142357.2022-12-05_173844 26.37TB 50% 50%
snapmirror.xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx_2154142357.2022-12-06_001003 26.55TB 50% 50%

The preceding example output shows that the last snapshot was taken on 2022-11-02.

2.    To avoid issues with snapshot policy replication, use the optional preserve parameter when you run the snapmirror resync command. The preserve parameter is supported only for extended data protection (XDP) relationships. The parameter isn't supported for relationships with a non-data FSx for ONTAP endpoint or for relationships with strict-sync-mirror or sync-mirror policy types. The preserve parameter allows the snapshot policy to continue snapshot creation on the destination.

Destination::*> snapmirror resync -destination-path <SVM:flexgroup> -preserve true
Destination::*>snapmirror update -destination-path <SVM:flexgroup>

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